About STEM BizKids™

“The STEM Program for Young Entrepreneurs”®  

STEMbizkids.org helps students become world changing Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) entrepreneurs and professionals by integrating faith, academics, project-based learning, business skills, and evidenced based investor strategies. STEMbizkids.org  prepares students for the real STEM world.

STEMbizkids.org was founded by  Northwest Christian Private Schools staff. Northwest Christian Private Schools consists of Community Christian Academy Preschool and ChildcareCommunity Christian Academy Elementary and Middle School, and Northwest Christian High School.

I am excited about the vision and goals of our new STEM program.  As a  former Technology Chief Information Officer (CIO), CEO, project manager,  and member of two different Governor’s cabinets,  I understand the importance of innovative STEM education for students and society.


Larry Weber

Northwest Christian Private Schools