Current Partners

InnovationSTEM related businesses are critical to our economy. Please support our partners as they endeavor to change our world for the better. Blessings.

“Having the STEM program become an active part of Northwest Christian Private Schools educational opportunities is an amazing way for us as a local business to invest in the future of our kids.  Our company and the services we provide relies on the creative energy and talent to “solve problems” for our clients, but the means to tackle new problems for our clients every day is founded upon the ability to learn something new every day.  The STEM program builds upon the student’s fundamental educational principles delivered through text-book learning by actively engaging in topics through applied learning.  As a result, students will learn and appreciate that the learning process becomes  a lifelong endeavor.  This next generation of students will enter the world with new challenges and issues, but taking advantage of programs like STEM early on in their development will ensure, in addition to having God use their talents for his vision, they are more equipped and prepared to rise to these challenges.”

– Will Treinen
CEO/President, Treinen Associates, Inc.

“I am excited to see and support the new and innovative vision for STEM learning on Northwest Christian Private Schools’ campus. Northwest Christian Private Schools’ staff understand how to prepare students for college and the workplace. I am even more excited to see their emphasis on character building and commitment to excellence in their core values and vision. I look for strong character, an outstanding work ethic, and a commitment to excellence when hiring employees. We need more of this approach in our academic and learning programs in our nation”.

– Dean Hartman
President, Capital Business Machines