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We are recruiting businesses, non-profits, and other organizations to serve as our partners in the creation of a world class and innovative STEM Education system. offers sponsorship opportunities to local businesses, organizations, and national leaders in STEM fields. Our goal is to give more than we take by discussing and highlighting the benefits of our sponsor’s programs and services to others. Our students will learn real world business and social media  skills by writing about the evidenced based accomplishments of our sponsors on our web site and other meaningful social media applications. Students win because they create real content and “learn by doing”. Sponsors win because their evidenced based products and services receive more visibility in the global marketplace.  Sponsors  also win because they are aligning with a “niche” STEM learning model.

One way to illustrate the difference is to quote Dr. Thomas Stanley who wrote “The Millionaire Mind” and The Millionaire Next Door.  His quote captures one element  of the difference.  Dr. Stanley states in relevant part as follows:

“ . . . Our economy is filled with successful entrepreneurs who were encouraged to think differently. Creativity was nurtured. So when our young people are criticized for being outperformed on standardized tests by their counterparts from other countries, I recite the following quote:

“When the education minister of Singapore came here [the United States] . . . people [asked him] : “What are you looking for? Your kids . . . score on the top of all [standardized achievement tests ] . . . He said “all that our kids can do is take tests.”  [Ethan Bronner, Freedom in Math Class May Outweigh Tests, New York Times, March 2, 1999, pp. A1, A4]

The education minister in Singapore understood what some educators currently fail to realize in the United States today. The discovery of new inventions, new ways of doing business, and the funding and marketing of new ideas are directly correlated to the “innovation IQ” not just a students academic IQ.  Both measures are mission critical to the future economic success of our students and society. Raising students “STEM Innovation IQ” is paramount  in our programs.

Without question, SAT and ACT scores are critically important for college entrance and funding. No argument there. We focus on preparing our students to score high on standardized tests. However, we also focus on teaching and modeling innovation, ingenuity, and creativity through real world projects that make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.  Academic and real world  innovation go hand in hand in our STEM Biz Kids programs. 

We help make STEM champions. Join us in our journey of innovation and excellence.

Contact Larry Weber at if you are interested in learning more about our innovative sponsorship and partnership opportunities.